Early LifeEdit

Season OneEdit


Vanessa Lodge: It is revealed that he had a previous affair with her ten years before his return to Lancer University, when she was nineteen. After the affair had been discovered, Raymond was forced to resign from his role as Coach of the Lancer football team; the lions (The Lancer Football Team). After ten years, Raymond returns to Lancer once more, though his feelings for Vanessa has not changed. Admitting so to Vanessa's current boyfriend: Derrick Altman, causing Altman to punch him in the chin.



  • Ben Browder originally portrayed Coach Red Raymond in the initial pilot, but backed out of the project due to other commitments. Jeff Hephner was then cast two months after the show was picked up to series and re-shot all off Browder's scenes.


  1. A World Full of Strangers
  2. I Say a Little Prayer
  3. Beale St. After Dark
  4. The Prisoner's Song
  5. Ragged Old Flag