Season One of Hellcats airs Wednesdays at 9PM EST on The CW. It premiered Wednesday, September 8th, 2010. The series stars Aly Michalka, Ashley Tisdale, Heather Hemmens, Robbie Jones, Matt Barr, Gail O'Grady and Sharon Leal.

On October 22nd, Hellcats received a full 22-episode season pick-up.

On December 13th, it was announced that Hellcats would be moving to Tuesday, taking over Life Unexpected's timeslot starting January 25th.

Episodes: 2010-

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
HellcatsEG1 A World Full of Strangers Writer: Kevin Murphy Director: Allan Arkush September 8, 2010 #1/1
A pre-law student wins a spot on her Memphis university's fiercely competitive cheer squad when she loses her scholarship and goes for an injured member's spot in order to collect another scholarship, which comes with being a Hellcat.
HellcatsEG2 I Say a Little Prayer Writer: Kevin Murphy and Jennifer Schuur Director: Allan Arkush September 15, 2010 #2/2
Marti is embarrassed when her mom comes to the qualifiers, and she tells her to leave; Savannah's sister, who's the squad captain of a rival school, is injured in a fall, forcing Savannah to choose between going with her to the hospital or staying in the competition; and Lewis accuses Alice of putting everyone's scholarships in jeopardy.
HellcatsEG3 Beale St. After Dark Writer: Kevin Murphy and Peter Calloway Director: Bethany Rooney September 22, 2010 #3/3
Savannah has her first date with Dan, and, to ease her nervousness, the Hellcats tag along, but some things just shouldn't be done as a team; Marti tries to wow her law professor so he'll ask to her to join his legal team; Alice tries painkillers in an effort to get back on the team; and Vanessa decides to tell Derrick about her past relationship with Red.
HellcatsEG4 Nobody Loves Me But My Mother Writer: Anne Kenney Director: David Paymer September 29, 2010 #4/4
Lewis asks Marti out, but she turns him down; Savannah brings Dan home to meet her parents and ends up fighting with her mom, who wants her to stop seeing him; Alice bargains with Lewis, telling him she'll quit taking drugs if he helps her get back in shape.
HellcatsEG5 The Prisoner's Song Writer: Curtis Kheel Director: John Behring October 6, 2010 #5/5
Savannah betrays Alice when she talks the team into letting Dan direct their bid video, which goes against Alice's wishes, but it could end up with her losing her role as captain; Marti looks into Julian's case; and Red and Derrick quarrel when Red makes it clear that he intends to pursue Vanessa.
HellcatsEG6-3 Ragged Old Flag Writer: James Eagan Director: Kevin Fair October 13, 2010 #6/6
The Hellcats are challenged to a flag-football game by the girls' volleyball team, and Alice wants to cheat, but Savannah opposes her, once more causing friction between them; and Marti feigns illness so she can get out of the game to go to a conference with Julian.
HellcatsEG7 The Match Game Writer: Jennifer Schuur Director: John Dahl October 27, 2010 #7/7
The Hellcats hold a date auction as a fund-raiser for the Nationals, and Savannah is surprised when her old boyfriend shows up and outbids Dan; Morgan wins a date with Marti; a mystery person wins a date with Vanessa, but she suspects it's Red; and Lewis continues to keep the team in the dark about his secret.
HellcatsEG8 Back of a Car Writer: Kevin Murphy and Amanda Alpert Muscat Director: Allan Arkush November 3, 2010 #8/8
A Hellcats 1980s party is planned to celebrate their anniversary, and Vanessa has a musical number; Savannah plans a romantic dinner for Dan when she decides it's time to spend the night with him; and Alice upsets Jake when she steals a story about the football team and makes it about the Hellcats instead.
HellcatsEG9 Finish What We Started Writer: Vince Gonzales Director: Ron Underwood November 10, 2010 #9/9
Savannah is angry with Marti for keeping a secret about Dan from her; Marti throws herself into Travis' case to keep her mind off her conflicted feelings about Dan and Lewis; Vanessa goes to Red for help when she learns that Bill has taken away the Hellcat's gym.
HellcatsEG10 Pledging My Love Writer: Peter Calloway Director: Debbie Allen November 17, 2010 #10/10
Alice is humiliated when a compromising photo of her makes its way around the school, and she plots revenge against the person responsible; Julian finds out Marti and Morgan are probing Travis's case behind his back; Dan makes a decision regarding his relationship with Savannah; and Derrick decides to propose to Vanessa.
HellcatsEG11 Think Twice Before You Go Writer: Matthew Roberts Director: Dennie Gordon December 1, 2010 #11/11
Dan tells Marti to admit her feelings for him or they will no longer be friends; Marti tries to cheer up Savannah by taking her to a barbecue, where Savannah drinks too much and gets herself into a compromising position; and Marti decides to tell Savannah about what happened between her and Dan.
HellcatsEG12 Papa, Oh Papa Writer: Kevin Murphy and Jennifer Schuur Director: Andy Wolk January 25, 2011 #12/12
The Hellcats go to sectionals, but the ride is tense following Marti's confession to her hookup with Dan; Alice's dad shows up and surprises her, but she never told her father that she's no longer a flier, so she blackmails Savannah to get the position back.
Wpid-HELLCATS-Worried-Baby-Blues-21 Worried Baby Blues Writer: Kevin Murphy and Curtis Kheel Director: Ron Underwood February 1, 2011 #13/13
The Hellcats throw a party with 3OH!3 to launch their calendar fundraiser; Savannah tells her mother about Charlotte; Marti breaks into Bill Marsh's office; Vanessa tries to sort out her feelings for Red.
HellcatsEG14 Remember When Writer: Kevin Murphy and James Eagan Director: Omar Madha February 8, 2011 #14/14
Marti is kidnapped for a Hellcats initiation; Savannah, Lewis, Alice and Vanessa remember when they became Hellcats; Marti worries her interest in Travis' case could cause trouble for her friends.
HellcatsEG15-1 God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away Writer: Vince Gonzales and Matthew Roberts Director: John Behring February 15, 2011 #15/15
Savannah and Alice throw a toga party to cheer up the Hellcats, who might lose their funding, while Marti, Vanessa and Julian devise a plan to get Travis out of prison and also save the Hellcats.
HellcatsEG16 Fancy Dan Writer: Anne Kenney Director: John Dahl February 22, 2011 #16/16
Marti and Savannah nervously prepare to see Dan at Jimmy's wedding; Derrick and Vanessa face a tough decision; Alice goes to see Jake in jail.
HellcatsEG17 Don't Make Promises (You Can't Keep) Writer: Amanda Alpert Muscat Director: Bob Berlinger March 1, 2011 #17/17
Savannah is stunned when Charlotte reveals the identity of her baby's father; Marti asks her mother for information about her father; The Hellcats learn that Memphis Christian is using the same song as the Hellcats for their routine at nationals.
HellcatsEG18-5 Woke Up Dead Writer: Jennifer Schuur Director: Andy Fickman April 19, 2011 #18/18
Marti meets a woman who helps her learn more about her father; Dan shoots a zombie movie for his film school application; Alice and a team reporter expose a student cheating scandal.
HellcatsEG19 Before I Was Caught Writer: Peter Calloway Director: Andy Wolk April 26, 2011 #19/19
Marti represents a student at Honor Court; Red and Vanessa are shocked to learn that Red's ex-wife has been hired to investigate Lancer's athletic programs and staff.
HellcatsEG20 Warped Sister Writer: James Eagan Director: Tricia Brock May 3, 2011 #20/20
Julian helps Marti investigate her family secrets; Marti and Deidre grow closer; Savannah and Nasty Kathy butt heads over Charlotte's baby shower.
HellcatsEG21 Land of 1,000 Dances Writer: Curtis Kheel Director: Debbie Allen May 10, 2011 #21/21
Lewis tries to win a car for his father by entering a dance contest with Kathy; Savannah tries to help her family through a crisis; Red's ex-wife continues to stir up trouble.
[[Image:|150px]] I'm Sick Y'All Writer: Kevin Murphy Director: Omar Madha May 17, 2011 #22/22